119 USD

    99 USD / monthly

    Included in the Silver Plan:
    • A dedicated and certified coach with 10+ years of experience will be your teacher, mentor, and tactical and technical advisor.
    • A personalized schedule, build from the ground up that is made to fit your background, skills and life. Together we will work towards your goals as the plan is monitored and adjusted to your progress.
    • All schedules are based on pace zones, based of testing as no two runners are the same.
    • FREE start-up interview before signing up.
    • Weekly training schedules with 2 changes possible per week
    • Daily communication through text/WhatsApp/Skype and e-mail.
    • 4 voice calls per month
    • Technical and tactical preparation for “A” and “B’ races with post-race analysis (email and voice call)


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  • GOLD

    199 USD

    149 USD / monthly

    Included in the Gold Plan:
    • Everything from the Silver Plan PLUS
    • A coach with more than 25 years coaching experience
    • Weekly training schedules with unlimited changes possible
    • Unlimited voice calls per month
    • Technical and tactical preperation for all races with post-race analysis (email and voice call)
    • Video Analysis of your form with correcting tips and exercises


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We at QuadraCoach endorse the idea of running for charities and want to support you and your selected charity.
If you run any of the major marathons as a charity entry and sign up for one of our plans for a 12 month period, we do not only give you an extra 5% discount (15% in total) but we also donate 10% of the total fee (before discount) to your pledge.
Running another race as a charity entry? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will have a look at what the possiblities are and what we can do for you and your chosen charity.


Our founder and head coach, Gert, started running back in 1980 at the age of 8. Quickly establishing himself as a talented young middle-distance runner, he regularly set year bests in different youth categories in Belgium and gathered some medals at international youth competitions in the late 80s and set personal bests of 49″04 over the 400m and 1’49″89 over the 800m. After major setbacks because of injuries, he started focussing at the coaching and training aspect as an 18-year old. He soon became certified and has been honing his coaching and motivational skills ever since. He kept on running recreationally and moving more to longer distances, going 16’40” on the 5k and 2h45’58” on the marathon.
His analytical mind and love for data also led him to other sports, such as basketball, baseball and handball. In the meantime he kept on helping beginning runners to establish healthy running habits and improve their performance through exact and detailed training programs.
Because of his history of injuries, one of the key aspects of his training schedules is running injury-free. As with any sport there is no way to guarantee that there will be no injuries at all, but through experience and care for his runners, Gert will go the extra mile to reduce the chance of any running related injuries. In his local running group, none of the athletes had any injuries since it’s inception 18 months ago.

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