Recreational Running in Colombo under the wings of a professional coach

Training Group

The Independence Pacers is a running club in Colombo, Sri Lanka, that provides personal training to local recreational runners under the guidance of our head coach.

The aim of each of the Pacers is to have a sustainable and healthy progress, not only with the help of Quadracoach but also through the support and encouragement of the other members.

The Independence Pacers stand for the same values as Quadracoach and aim to provide a safe, healthy and fun running environment.

Pacers History

The Independence Pacers Running Club started in October 2018 as an alternative running group, where people would go a step further than just meet up to do a run.
The first members wanted to keep on running in a fun community but with some guidance to run healthier and more performance-oriented. Our head coach started the club and slowly it grew from 8 runners to 20+ in 18 months.


We run 3 times a week at various locations in and around Colombo.
On Tuesday and Thursday evening we meet up at 5.45pm at Independence Square or Racecourse (depending on what training is on the program that day) During the weekend, the location changes from week to week and is announced to our members at the end of the week.

Attendance to the sessions is not compulsory as each member receives their individual weekly schedule during the weekend.

For more information and rates, send us a WhatsApp message (+94 752 113 709)

Kids Running

Depending on the age and level of the young runners, they either join in with the main training group or have their own separate sessions where the focus in on building a correct and healthy running form in a fun a playful environment.

For more information and rated, send us a WhatsApp message (+94 752 113 709)

What We Do...

  • We build each schedule from the ground up based on your goals, your experience, the data from your tests and other relevant information.
  • As this is a long-term commitment we do not work towards a single race, but we focus on continuous development.
  • We have an extensive database of more than 1000 different complete workouts from which we select the ones that are most beneficial for you.
  • We build each weekly schedule based on the data gathered from your workouts and intermediate tests.
  • We have regular meetings with every athlete to go over the previous training period and will take the information gathered into account when creating the next schedule.
  • We are always on standby to help, guide and motivate our runners. There is no limit on the number of coach-athlete interactions through WhatsApp, Skype or E-mail.
  • A dedicated, experienced and certified coach with more than 25 years coaching experience will be your teacher, mentor, and tactical and technical advisor.
  • We offer free video analysis of your running form with correcting tips and exercises.
  • For all your races we have technical and tactical preparation with post-race analysis (email and voice call).

What We Don't Do...

  • We do not let computer software create the schedules, nor do we use off the shelf schedules that can be easily modified. Each program is tailor-made to needs and wants of each athlete.
  • We do not repeat the same workouts week after week. As you progress as a runner, your workouts should progress along with you.
  • We do not leave our athletes in the dark. We are always available and will answer all your running-related questions as soon as possible.
  • We do not encourage people to go beyond their capabilities and we prefer to take a conservative stance on training intensity. We proud ourselves on the very low number of running-related injuries among our athletes.
  • We do not make any false promises on what your goals and targets can be. We communicate openly and honestly with all our runners.
  • We do not force our athletes for a quick gain. As this is a long-term coach-athlete relationship, we prefer a continuous progression and improvement.
  • We do not make a distinction between beginning and experienced or slow and fast runners. Everyone is equal in our books and deserves the same attention.

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