Create a healthy work environment by boosting your staff’s immune system

Benefits for your business

At face value you might say that sport and work are two polar opposite domains; Sport is a weekend activity with your friends, and work is, well, work.
You’d be forgiven if you didn’t place sport and business in the same category, however, the two are mutually beneficial in the way that physical activity is healthy for you or me, physical activity is healthy for a business.

The introduction of an office sporting event or sports team is an excellent way to break down the 9-to-5 workday grind and help employees exercise who can’t find the time in their busy work schedule. Workplace exercise can improve mood and enthusiasm in employees, leading to increased workplace productivity for a business.

Sport is a powerful fuel source for having your team firing on all cylinders. It breaks down barriers, promotes teamwork and communication, and helps create a sense of belonging and trust between employees.

Workplace sport can be a powerful motivator for employees to be their best. Healthy competition encourages teamwork and collaboration, challenges employees to succeed and rewards higher performance
The key for business owners is to manage this competition in a way that is constructive and positive for employees and the business itself.

Our Approach

Before the first session, we will visit your premises and give your employees as short introduction to what to expect during the sessions and we will have a short chat with the employees who have some experience with running.

The first 2 session will all about getting to know the group in terms of running; who is able to do what and what are their personal goals. From this moment on, the sessions will become more and more individualized, but still conducted as a group.

During the initial 3 months we will have a few assessment sessions to make sure everyone is still on track to reach the target set.

After the first period, we will set new targets which are a bit more personalized to give everyone a greater challenge.


To give your employees a better insight on what running is and how it benefits them, we will conduct 1 workshop a month in which we will tackle some running related topics. This can range from “running and weightloss” over “nutrition for runners” to “race recovery”.
The exact topics will be decided depending on the questions we will get from your employees.

The first 4 to 6 weeks there will already be an output of information during the sessions and some question will already be answered. Because of this we will conduct the first workshop  only after 6 weeks.


Our prices start as low as 3500 LKR per month per person with a minimum commitment of 3 months.
This includes 1 weekly group run with the option of 1 more run or a weekend program, 1 monthly workshop about run-related items and a discount for each of the runners who would like to switch to a bespoke program later on.

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