Your personal coach to aim for your long-term goals and personal development for less than 20 USD per week.

Personal Training – 79 USD per month*

You want to keep progressing and not just focussing on a single goal or race? We can help you with our Personal Training program where you work 1-on-1 with an experienced coach, who will be your guide, mentor and motivator.

You are unique, therefore the training schedules we provide to you are unique too. We build those from the ground up, based on your data, our experience and our own database of more than 1000 different complete workouts.

* 3-month commitment to start, thereafter on a monthly basis

  • A dedicated and certified coach with 25+ years of experience will be your teacher, mentor, and tactical and technical advisor.
  • A personalized schedule, build from the ground up that is made to fit your background, skills and life. We will work towards your goals as the plan is monitored and adjusted to your progress.
  • All schedules are based on pace zones, based on testing as no two runners are the same.
  • FREE Start-up interview before signing up.
  • Weekly training schedules with unlimited changes possible
  • Daily communication through text/WhatsApp/Skype and e-mail.
  • Unlimited voice calls per month
  • Technical and tactical preparation for all races with post-race analysis (email and voice call)
  • Video Analysis of your form with correcting tips and exercises

1. Register

Fill out the form in the link below and we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an online meeting.

2. Meet the coach

During the online meeting, at a time most convenient for you, we will go over your experience and goals, and explain in greater detail how we work.

3. Test

After the meeting you have to do some tests to establish our baselines from which we can start building your program.

4. Pay

Make your payment for your training at the same time as submitting your test results and we start compiling your schedule.

5. Start Training

Within 7 working days after submitting your tests and payment you will receive your first weekly schedule to start training.

6. Sustainability

Trees provide the oxygen that we need. Therefore we will plant 1 tree for every signup at our annual tree-planting event.

5065.3 km

3148.1 miles

Total distance in 2021


Runs done in 2021

6.74 km

4.19 miles

Average per run in 2021

What We Do...

  • We build each schedule from the ground up based on your goals, your experience, the data from your tests and other relevant information.
  • As this is a long-term commitment we do not work towards a single race, but we focus on continuous development.
  • We have an extensive database of more than 1000 different complete workouts from which we select the ones that are most beneficial for you.
  • We build each weekly schedule based on the data gathered from your workouts and intermediate tests.
  • We have regular meetings with every athlete to go over the previous training period and will take the information gathered into account when creating the next schedule.
  • We are always on standby to help, guide and motivate our runners. There is no limit on the number of coach-athlete interactions through WhatsApp, Skype or E-mail.
  • A dedicated, experienced and certified coach with more than 25 years coaching experience will be your teacher, mentor, and tactical and technical advisor.
  • We offer free video analysis of your running form with correcting tips and exercises.
  • For all your races we have technical and tactical preparation with post-race analysis (email and voice call).

What We Don't Do...

  • We do not let computer software create the schedules, nor do we use off the shelf schedules that can be easily modified. Each program is tailor-made to needs and wants of each athlete.
  • We do not repeat the same workouts week after week. As you progress as a runner, your workouts should progress along with you.
  • We do not leave our athletes in the dark. We are always available and will answer all your running-related questions as soon as possible.
  • We do not encourage people to go beyond their capabilities and we prefer to take a conservative stance on training intensity. We proud ourselves on the very low number of running-related injuries among our athletes.
  • We do not make any false promises on what your goals and targets can be. We communicate openly and honestly with all our runners.
  • We do not force our athletes for a quick gain. As this is a long-term coach-athlete relationship, we prefer a continuous progression and improvement.
  • We do not make a distinction between beginning and experienced or slow and fast runners. Everyone is equal in our books and deserves the same attention.

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