The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, social and economic well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, society and communities.
Companies generally only look after the economical and social aspects, partially think about mental health and mostly ignore the physical well-being (except for medical insurances).
However, the physical health of your workers plays a much bigger role in their overall well-being than you would expect.
Improving this does not only have benefits for the employees, but also for the employer.


To the employee

Providing your employees with any form of (guided) physical activity will not only improve their basic health, but it will also provide them with the skills to protect and/or improve their health in the long term.
The majority of sports act as a stress reliever and with the progress made in a long-term program, their self-esteem will be enhanced, which leads us into the mental health aspect.
Creating the activities in a group setting improves morale and with the realisation that the company is also looking out for their health, their job satisfaction will increase as well.

To the organisation

Improved health of the employees leads to a reduction of health care and insurance costs and reduces the absenteeism.
The company will get an image of a positive and caring workplace which, combined with the improved morale and job satisfaction, points to a reduction in staff turnover.
All these different key improvements finally point to the most important benefit; an increase in productivity.

The Solution

Choose the correct sport or activity. Some sports have a higher risk of injuries than others, so it is best to take those out of the equation. A second aspect to take into consideration is the cost, both for the organisation and the employee. Is it financially wise to hire an entire gym for a few hours per week, together with their trainers? Or would your workers be happy if you tell them they need to buy a racebike with so and so specifications?
The easiest and cheapest activity you can offer is running. The cost to the employees is minimal and for the organisation, it is limited to the fees of a certified coach.
A good coach will care about each and every one of your employees individually and won’t hesitate to bring in some of his more experienced runners to help out at the start of the program.

We start with a presentation for your employees before the first session, in which we explain who we are, what we do and what we stand for. At the same moment, we set out some basic goals which are easily attainable within the given timeframe.
In the first few session, we get to know all your employees/runners and start to draw out separate paths for them. We make sure that no one is left out and pay just as much attention to the slowest runners as to the fastest ones so that at the end of our journey together every individual will feel a sense of accomplishment and proudness as they look back and realize the improvements they made along the way.

For you can find more information about our corporate running on the dedicated page or you can send an email to and we will get in touch with you to answer all your questions.

By Gert Rijkx, founder and head coach of QuadraCoach. Former athlete and certified athletics coach with over 25 years of experience in coaching, training and motivating runners of all levels