You are unique, therefore the training we provide for you has to be unique too.


Quadracoach is all about creating a healthy training environment to ensure a long-lasting sportive life. We do this by looking at each athlete individually and coming up with a very detailed personalised plan that focusses on the needs and wants of the athlete and setting up short and long term goals.
As for the different sports itself, our mantra is “slower will make you faster”. Over the years, we have seen many athletes wasting their energy going too fast during long and recovery sessions, wasting all the energy they might need for their speed sessions and races, without giving their body a chance to rest. We aim to instil the best practices used by world-class athletes and translate that into training schedules for the average athlete.


After starting a local running club in Colombo, Sri Lanka with the focus on improving the athletes rather than just running together, some of the runners started asking if there was a possibility to help, guide and train their friends and family abroad. Hence the idea of doing online coaching came to be and by the beginning of 2019, our first steps were set with the first runners outside of Sri Lanka joining. This evolved further with triathletes who had success with our running schedules asking for guidance with cycling and swimming. Hence the idea to offer training for different sports each headed by highly trained and experienced coaches.


Our first step is two-fold. One part will be dedicated to offer more services to the local market. This includes specialized training for kids, group training (although still with individual programs) for corporations and further assisting the Independence Pacers. The other part will be recruiting more experienced coaches and offer more possibilities for athletes worldwide
Our second step is to create training groups or communities all over the world, who train together using our training programs. This also would include helping a few athletes to grow into assistant coaches that can help out the local groups and be the eyes and ears on the ground.
Both steps will ensure ever-improving conditions for the athletes, which in turn will lead to better performances both in practice and during races.


Our founder and head coach, Gert – a Belgian who settled in Sri Lanka 8 years ago -, started running back in 1980 at the age of 8. Quickly establishing himself as a talented young middle-distance runner, he regularly set national year bests in different youth categories in Belgium and gathered some medals at international youth competitions, and set personal bests of 49″04 over the 400m and 1’51″89 over the 800m. After major setbacks because of injuries, he started focussing on the coaching and training aspect as an 18-year old. He soon became a certified athletics coach and has been honing his coaching and motivational skills ever since. He kept on running recreationally and moving more to longer distances, going 16’40” on the 5k and 2h45’58” on the marathon.
His analytical mind and love for data, fed by his sports/science/mathematics studies, also led him to other sports, such as basketball, baseball, and handball. In the meantime, he kept on helping beginning runners to establish healthy running habits and improve their performance through exact and detailed training programs.
His connection to Olympic athletes and medal-winners, and their coaches, together with the continued study of the latest training methods, keeps him up-to-date with the international athletics community. This also gives the Quadracoach Athletes the opportunity to have world-class training schedules and sessions.